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Traveling the world or a change of place impart new vigor to the mind and entire body system. In simple words to be said, travel is an adventurous journey taken into ourselves. Spending your quality time on vacation with your beloved ones apart from education or business trip and just to make yourself and family feel happy and delightful, then it will be the great and best time of your lifetime.

Choosing the perfect destination, finest hotel for accommodation, migrating to website attractive tourist places, feasting on delicious cuisines, drinks, and a lot more gives lifelong memories and ensure that every individual of your family is satisfied. The best moment of travel lies in adventurous activities like moving to unknown places or trekking over the hills and mountains and reaching the top peak by forgetting all the hurdles and reaching the destination with a satisfied smile is the real meaning of life.

Beautiful chalet for your stay

Turismo Carranque is a fascinating cottage or resort in Carranque town, located in the center of attraction for more spectacular places of the town. Since the town is a haven of peace and tranquility, this cottage is also meant to be a special place for the visitors to stay as long as it makes them breathe fresh air, brings refreshment and heals the body-mind. Such a unique cottage surrounded by hilly regions with lots of amenities and features. With a neat ambiance, it is featured with electronics including Cable Television, Wireless Internet, Gas-powered fireplace in living-room and bedroom, Air-conditioning, Fully equipped kitchen, dishwasher, washer & dryer on the main floor, Family Dining area, Backyard Deck Sitting Area and Barbeque, On-site parking, and lot more peculiar items.

Popular tourist attractions are located in Spain nation and most people often visit to spend their family vacation over here. Sagrada Família is an unfinished Roman Catholic Church of the world in Barcelona which tells the life of Jesus Christ and the archeological efforts of Rome kingdom. People often visit this church to view the peculiar attractions as it makes jaw-dropping on seeing stone works and colors of the building. Moreover, it looks gorgeous in the night as it is decorated with colorful lightings and textures.

A delightful European country

Spain, a European nation is bounded with the Iberian Peninsula in which its southernmost parts are surrounded by islands and seas and the northern part borders another European country called France. It is the largest country among other nations and is the fourth greatest country in the European continent. Spain is a casperon parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy as it is the town of Rome kingdom like other Iberian countries. Among many cities and towns of Spain Carranque is a home of Roman villas, enclosed with botanical gardens, tiny villages, along with modern interpretation building, and lot more. It holds the history of many archaeological structures of Rome buildings and monuments which are left now as tourist attractions.

Tourist attractions

Park Guell is a public park composed of gardens and architectonic elements. It is a breathtaking place for most travelers who accompany with their family and kids with them. Along with that, it is the perfect place to watch the entire city of Barcelona and can feel some Gaudi atmosphere from the from the Carnell hill which is decorated with tall trees and small plants. Another interesting fact is that there accompanies a restaurant which offers delicious cuisines at less cost and a picturesque place which covers the city of Barcelona. Hence it is known as the favorite spot for most travelers especially the kids who love walking and lunch in the park.

Alcázar of Seville is a royal palace built by Moorish Muslim kings. The landmark of this palace is filled with fountain-filled gardens, sixteenth-century tiles, and hence it well-known as one of the gorgeous places of Spain. It impresses the tourist with its interior intricate designs. As we know that Spain is famous for its Roman buildings, this palace looks like a dream world of a fairy tale as the garden covers the staircases with its greenish herbs and shrubs. Workers over here tell the history of the palace to the visitors in a kind manner without any hesitation. Hence routine travelers recommend newcomers that this palace is a beautiful place with lots to see and do with your family and kids.

Rome creation

Puerta Del Sol, a public square which is popularly known as the busiest place of Spain and center of the radial network of Spanish roads. It is a great spot for metro connections, restaurants and clubs. It is the best spot to enjoy the nightlife especially in dining the delicious cuisines and drinks of high-quality beers at an affordable cost. The garden area is flourished with vibrant colors of plants and beautiful birds singing a melodious song in the early morning adds an additional beauty to the place. Also, it is a great place for shopping and is decorated during Christmas festivals.

Timanfaya National Park, a Spanish national park located in the southern part of the Lanzarote Island is a great place to have your lunch and dinner near the volcano. This is a breathtaking spot to view the islands of the Lanzarote and many water activities take place which attracts and makes people feel pleasure along with their beloved ones. Since it is a park, people visit here to have the spectacular views along with delicious cuisines and drinks in the nearby restaurants.

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Turismo Carranque FAQs

What are the amenities do your resort have?

There is a list of amenities available such as luxury chairs, hair drier, inter com 24 hours, spacious cupboards, coffee maker and the loungers in the garden etc.

Do you have a Spa?

Yes, we do have Spa and the other ambiances where our guests can relax and rejuvenate, the Spa on other places have many facilities like massage and steam bath etc.

Will your rooms allow the extra bed facility?

Yes, we provide the extra ground bedding based on the request at the minimal charges.

Are the pets allowed?

Yes, we are the pet-friendly hotel; only dogs and cats are allowed. They must be leashed or in the carrier at all the times.

What are the different forms of payment accepted?

We accept all the major credit cards, cash and we do not accept any cheques.

What are the hours of the restaurant?

The opening time is from morning 8 am - night 11 pm.

Do you offer the free pick up/ drop service from the airport?

Yes, we provide the facility of the free pick up/ drop from the airport, the service is totally based on the facility.

About Turismo Carranque

Turismo Carranque is the unique and finest cottage which is located in the center of attractive town, Carranque. Most travelers visit here often to travel around Spain along with their friends and family. There are many places that attract the people with its panoramic and spectacular views. This European country holds the history of Rome buildings and their kingdoms and explores it to the tourist people. Make your visit to Spain by accompanying your family and friends and staying in this finest cottage and get fun-filled memories. Take your family to these fascinating and beautiful places and explore the nature’s wonderful creation of man’s work.

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